The configuration files of R2EdiViewer can be changed and extended:


Customizing editor

With the customizing editor, the various configuration files (CSS/CFG files)
and the layout files (DATASEL) can be displayed or edited.

Depending on the type of the file you can:

  • perform a syntax check (CSS/DATASEL) 
  • insert a color code into CSS files using a table of color
  • restore the standard version of a file:
    The toolbar displays in the "Version" field the value Standard if the file was delivered
    with R2EdiViewer. The toolbar displays Customer if the file was modified by the customer.
    When saving a file in the standard version, a customer version is automatically created
    in the user directory.
  • display the inspection log file (Excel is required) to analyse the DATASEL file
    for a given EDI file.

    For each EDI field you see:
    - which DATASEL condition is true or false
    - the contents of all report fields
    - when a report value has changed
    - when and which report fields were deleted
    - when a CSV record was written with which report values

    - the corresponding DATASEL line number
    - Lfn: Last internal line number / current internal line number