4.1.Syntax directories

How the messages are supported

In order to display an EDI file correctly, there must exist matching syntax directories with
the display rules. All syntax directories are in the file R2EdiViewerSD.zip
with the following directory structure:

Depending on the recognized EDI message, the corresponding display rule is searched
language dependent in these directories. The Windows language is used by default,
and can be overwritten by the Language-startup parameter.

(info) Tip

Customizations must be made in the empty file R2EdiViewerSD.zip,
which is in the subdirectory "private".


4.1.1. Expand EDIFACT-directories

EDIFACT directories consist of 4 files per version (e.g. D08A), a relationship information
and the message structure files:

  • EDSD.08A = segment specifications
  • UNCL.08A = field explanations (code lists)
  • UNSL.08A = field explanations (code lists) for the service segment fields for version 3
  • Sl40106.txt= field explanations (code lists) for the service segment fields for version 4 and follow
  • EDMD.ZIP  = message structures

1. Under www.unece.org you can download the EDSD/UNCL/EDMD files.

File "d08a.zip" contains the files:

  • edsd.zip with the file EDSD.08A
  • uncl.zip with the file UNCL.08A

    Save both files to R2EdiViewerSD.zip\SyntaxDirectories\EDIFACT\en.

  • edmd.zip with the message structures for each message.
    Create a directory D08A into R2EdiViewerSD.zip\SyntaxDirectories\EDIFACT\msgstruct.
    Then unpack all edmd.zip files to these directory.

2. Under www.gefeg.com/jswg/v3 you can download the UNSL file.

File "unsl08a.zip" contains the file:

  • Unsl.08a

    Rename this file in capital letters (UNSL.08A) and
    save it to R2EdiViewerSD.zip\SyntaxDirectories\EDIFACT\en.

3. Under www.gefeg.com/jswg/v4 you can download the Sl file.

File "sl40106.zip" contains the file:

  • Sl40106.txt

    Save this file to R2EdiViewerSD.zip\SyntaxDirectories\EDIFACT\en.

4. Under www.gefeg.com/data/relation you can download the relationship information file.
This file provides the link between the EDIFACT directory (D08A)
and the field explanations for the V4 service segment fields (Sl40106.txt).
Save this file to "R2EdiViewerSD.zip\SyntaxDirectories\EDIFACT\SI-Relation.csv".


4.1.2. Expand SAPIDOC-directories

SAPIDOC directories consist of a segment specification file per IDOC message.
In addition, there is a file with the field explanations and a file with the
message structures, valid for all IDOC messages. SAPIDOC segment specification file

The SAPIDOC segment specification file name of an IDOC message is, for example:

  • EDSD.DELFOR02 for delivery schedule
  • EDSD.SHPMNT05 for delivery note
  • EDSD.INVOIC02 for invoice

Constant is always EDSD. After a point then follows the IDOC Basic type / Enhancement name.
Any existing slashes in the EDSD file name must be replaced by underlines.

Via SAP transaction WE60, the file can be generated directly from the SAP system:

  • As the "Basic type", select desired IDOC (e.g. DELFOR02)
  • Alternatively, you can specify an IDOC customer enhancement under "Enhancement".
  • Via the menu: select Documentation/C-header


  • Save the file via menu "System/List/Save/Local file".
    Use as file name EDSD.DELFOR02 and select 1160 (Microsoft 1252: Superset of ISO 8859-1)
    as the SAP code page.
    Save the file to R2EdiViewerSD.zip\SyntaxDirectories\SAPIDOC\en. SAPIDOC message structure file

  1. The table IDOCS contains the message structures of all the basic IDOCs.
    It comes as standard with R2EdiViewer.

    However, if you have created your own IDOCs (IDOC types), the corresponding table lines
    must be adopted.

  2. The table CIMSYN contains the message structures of customer enhancements
    to existing IDOCs.
    If you have extended an IDOCS, the complete table must be adopted.

Transfer of the tables to the directory R2EdiViewerSD.zip\SyntaxDirectories\SAPIDOC\msgstruct:

  • Use transaction SE16 to display both tables
  • Save the list display as "Local File" with "Text with Tabs" and SAP code page = 1160 under:
  • Delete the 3 header lines and the empty first column
  • Save the .PRV files to R2EdiViewerSD.zip\SyntaxDirectories\SAPIDOC\msgstruct SAPIDOC field explanation file

All field explanations for all IDOC messages are in the UNSL.ALL file and
must be adapted or extended when changes are made.