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9.10D (04.04.2019)

Java 8 or higher is required!

 The last position and size of the main window is saved

The Goto navigation tree uses the official message structure policy for ANSI files

Support of Java 11

Upgraded JasperReports library to 6.7.0 (requires Java 8 or higher)

8.30L (12.12.2018)

The Goto navigation tree uses the official message structure policy for VDA, EDIFACT and IDOC files

Validation check has been expanded and all errors are displayed collected

The extended language startup parameter is passed to JasperReport for number formatting

Improved the layouts EDIFACT_XXX_INVOIC_de_en and SAPIDOC_ORDERS05_de

Expanded Edifact syntax directory with D18A

8.20F (06.06.2018)

If -UD parameter is specified, the INI file will be saved there as well (instead 'private' directory)

Support of Java 10

Improved the layout EDIFACT_XXX_INVOIC_de_en

The various INVRPT 96A layouts have been merged into one common layout EDIFACT_XXX_INVRPT_de_en

Layout integer field definitions have been replaced by the type string

Fixed an issue concerning the line spacing of layouts on PCs with Chinese locale

Upgraded JasperReports library to 6.5.1

8.10B (02.02.2018)

 Added clipboard paste functionality (CTRL-V) into active view tabs to process the clipboard content

Added file size, file date and file format in the file search result window

Added the possibility to customize a third Goto tree level

Support of truncated segment name in the customizing of the Goto tree

Fixed an issue if leading spaces exists before the Edifact segment name

Support of Java 9

Improved the layout EDIFACT_XXX_INVOIC_de_en and EDIFACT_XXX_DELFOR_de_en

Upgraded JasperReports library to 6.5.0

Expanded Edifact syntax directory with D17A and D17B

7.50K (11.11.2017)

 Added the possibility in the customizing editor to create a DATASEL inspection log file

Startup parameter 'EDI-filename' can include wildcards

Added the sender id in the email subject

Added layout EDIFACT_XXX_DELFOR_de_en

Added item batch number, item expiry date and FTX texts in layout EDIFACT_XXX_INVOICE

Changed the date format pattern from 'mm' to 'MM' in all layouts

Upgraded IDOC syntax directory to support package stack 14

Upgraded JasperReports library to 6.4.1

7.40G (07.07.2017)

Added DATASEL commands CheckWriteRecord, ClearWriteRecord and ClearReportfield

DATASEL command EdiValue can be used as operand1 or operand2

 Use tab character as CSV delimiter instead of semicolon

Added R2Language column in CSV file

Added layout EDIFACT_XXX_INVOIC_de_en

Expanded IDOC syntax directory with DELVRY (delivery) and PROACT (stock data)

7.30E (05.05.2017)

Java 7 or higher is required!

Added 'Search' function in File menu to search for files with EDI content

 Added search item history in Find dialog

Added optional negation character (¬) to startup parameters -SV and -WL

The F1 help language depends on the selected syntax directory language when R2EdiViewer is started

SUM will use the actual R2EdiViewer program folder for an unattended upgrade

Upgraded JasperReports library to 6.3.1 (requires Java 7 or higher)

7.20B (12.02.2017)

Processing speed has been improved

DATASEL syntax check has been extended

Fixed error message 135.3 if you try to create or edit a DATASEL file

Expanded Edifact syntax directory with D16B

Fixed an issue in Odette syntax directory concerning repetition of field NCO-7102

7.19A (01.01.2017)

Added syntax check in DATASEL file parser

Added 'customizing' menu Syntax-highlighting (R2EdiViewerSH.css, R2EdiViewerSH.cfg)

 Added 'customizing' menu Goto tree (R2EdiViewerGT.cfg)

 Added 'customizing' menu Layout directory (create, rename, delete)

Added 'customizing' menu Layout data selection file (create, edit, copy, delete, move, rename, check) 

 Added 'customizing' menu Log file (R2EdiViewerWL.css)

Added 'view' menu

Added F7 and F8 to zoom out and zoom in (change font size from the standard settings)

Existing FULL version licence file will be moved from the program directory into the "private" directory

Existing HTML log files will be moved from program directory into user directory

Upgraded JasperReports to 6.2.2 (last version compatible with Java 6)

Expanded Edifact syntax directory with D16A

7.18A (04.04.2016)

DATASEL file: Underline character must be the 2. character of a Cancel-, Group- or Ignore-report field

Deprecated startup parameter -EV (externalViewer) was deleted

Added spreadsheet view to show CSV files (based on DATASEL file)

Added toggle button to switch between report view and spreadsheet view

 Added startup batch parameter -SC to show the CSV file instead to show existing layout

If a DATASEL file was not found in selected layout directory then "layouts" directory will be searched

A 5 second pause appears for each dropped EDI file if you drop more than 1 EDI file.

Fixed an issue in reading SAPIDOC EDSD file if SAP field name is longer than 30 characters

Upgraded JasperReports to 6.2.0

Expanded Edifact syntax directory with D15B

7.17A (11.01.2016)

Added DATASEL command Initial (check if value of field is empty)

Added DATASEL command ValueAppend (append the EDI value into report field separated with space)

Support Edifield#n notation (e.g.NAD-030-3124#2) in the DATASEL file

XML ShortView with line indent

Added CTRL-F5 to toggle ShortView

Show EDI file in addition in the Native tab also if you have selected a layout

Fixed an issue in EDIFACT file format detection if segment delimiter is not apostrophe

Added layout VDA_ALL_4906_de

Improved and harmonised ANSI X12 layout version 2003 and 4010 into ANSIX12_XXXXXX_830_en

Reset deprecated style properties from all layouts

Added joda-time library to use logical expression like IF() in JasperReports

Expanded Edifact syntax directory with D15A

7.16B (10.08.2015)

Fixed an issue to write INI file.

7.16A (08.08.2015)

Added embedded fonts in PDF-exports (see chapters 3.3.3, 5.1.1 and 7.2.2)

Added most recently used list

Goto dialog is modeless

Message if EDI value is longer than allowed

Startup parameter -EV (external viewer) is deprecated and will be removed in a future version

Expanded ANSI X12 syntax directory with transaction 830 of version 2003

Upgraded JasperReports to 6.1.0

7.15A (06.06.2015)

Added 6 startup parameter(Encoding Settings) for character encoding (-CC,-CE,-CI,-CS,-CV,-CX)

New Standard Setting "Scaling factor" to support high-PPI displays

Increase of icon size for better support of touch displays

Added drop functionality into active view tabs to open files directly

Added field material number of vendor in layouts SAPIDOC_DELFOR02_de and VDA_ALL_4905_de

7.14A (12.02.2015)

XML ShortView

Saving PDF to DIN A1 and DIN A2 format

Post-processing functionality in software upgrade manager

Upgraded JasperReports to 6.0.0

Expanded Edifact syntax directory with D14B

7.13A (10.10.2014)

Support of external comparison tool

Option for unattended standard installation during program upgrade

Ask user bimonthly if program should look for program upgrades

Automatically use -UD if program folder is read-only and startup parameter -UD has not been set

Expanded Edifact syntax directory with D14A

7.12A (27.07.2014)

Customer adjustments can be stored in user directory (-UD) or in the new "private" directory

Startup parameter -UD (without directory) creates an user directory in APPDATA

Show EDI file in addition in the Native tab
 Password field values are hidden and copy/paste protected

Implementation of software upgrade manager

File format added at the beginning of the CSV file name  

HTML log file structure (-WL parameter) was changed to solve problem with some internet browsers 

Upgraded JasperReports to 5.5.2

7.11A (05.05.2014)

Expanded mail server settings with port, security protocol and possibility to send a test e-mail

Added settings for a HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy server

Added Check for new version in the 'help' menu

Implementation of F1 help key

Improve GUI message handling

Update IDOC syntax directories (based on SAP release 740)

Expanded IDOC syntax directory with PEXR (transfer order/payment advice) and SHPMNT06

Expanded Edifact syntax directory with D13B

7.10A (02.02.2014)

Support of ANSI ASC X12

Speed optimization of processing syntax directories

Upgraded JasperReports to 5.5.0

Expanded Edifact syntax directory with D13A

7.01C (11.11.2013)

  Speed optimization of syntax highlighting with Java 7

7.01A (08.08.2013)

Goto navigation window to scroll fast to a record / segment

Implementation of directives in DATASEL: "JasperreportName" to set the name of the JasperReports

Added layout "EDI file checker" as a template for your own checks (read DATASEL comment)

7.00A (01.01.2013)

Java 7 can be used

Expanded EDIFACT syntax directories

6.21A (22.07.2012)

 Unbekannte IDOC-Satzarten nativ anzeigen, anstatt diese zu ignorieren

 Jede CSV-Datei enthält das Feld R2LayoutDirPath mit dem kompletten Pfad des Layout-Verzeichnisses

 Update IDOC-Syntax-Directories

6.20A (15.04.2012)

 Suchstrategie zur Findung des passenden Reports

 Unterstützung von JasperReports 4.5.1

 VDA-Syntax-Directory in Englisch

6.19A (04.02.2012)

 Mit syntax-highlighting angezeigte EDI-Dateien als PDF-Datei speichern

6.18A (31.07.2011)

 Unterstützung von EDIFACT Syntax Version 4

 Anzeige von Unicode-Dateien

 Erweitert um Edifact D11A

6.17A (24.04.2011)

 Anzeige von UTF-16 XML-Dateien

 Erweitert um INTRASTAT_FR (Intracom), VDA4916, VDA4920 und 82 Odette-Segmente

6.16A (06.03.2011)

 Datenselektionsbefehl Format4905CalloffDate formatiert das Abrufdatum der VDA4905

 Weitere INVRPT-Layout-Variante hinzugefügt

6.15A (05.02.2011)

 Unterstützung von JasperReports 4.0.0

 Erweitert um Edifact D10A und D10B

6.14A (18.08.2010)

 Unterstützung von Schrägstrichen im Namen der IDOC-Nachricht

 Erweitert um INTRASTAT_DE-Nachricht

6.13A (01.06.2010)

 Unterstützung von JasperReports 3.7.1

6.12A (01.04.2010)

 Erweitert um Edifact D09B

 INVRPT-Layout hinzugefügt

6.11A (11.02.2010)

 Zwei neue Startparameter zum Anpassen der Verzeichnisse für die TMP- bzw. INI-/LOG-Dateien

 Erweitert um ENGDAT Version 1 und 2

6.10B (25.01.2010)

 Programm-Dokumentation und Hompage ist in Englisch verfügbar

6.10A (01.01.2010)

 Unterstützung von JasperReports 3.6.0 zum Designen eigener Anzeige-Layouts

 Erweitert um Edifact D09A

6.07A (01.08.2009)

 Anzeigeschriftgröße kann verändert werden 

 EDI-Datei-Statistiken anzeigen, u.a. mit der Anzahl der einzelnen Segmente/Satzarten

 Feld-Erläuterungen bei IDOC-Dateien in den Sprachen DE/EN/FR

 Java 6 wird benötigt

 Suchfunktion hinzugefügt

 Syntax-Highlighting für XML-Dateien hinzugefügt

 Toolbox-Leiste hinzugefügt

 IDOC-Syntax-Directories in den Sprachen EN/FR verfügbar

6.06C (12.06.2009)

 Syntax-Highlighting für beliebige EDI-Satzarten und einzelne Felder

 Einführung einer grafischen Benutzeroberfläche

6.05B (27.04.2009)

 Mit dem OPEN-Dialog im Syntax-Error-Screen kann nun eine EDI-Datei ausgewählt werden

 Splashscreen zeigt den Ladevorgang der Syntax-Directories an

 ESC-Taste beim Splashscreen stoppt die Verarbeitung und zeigt die bis dahin aufbereitete Datei an

 Startparameter können jetzt auch in der R2EdiViewer.ini-Datei hinterlegt werden

6.04A (12.02.2009)


R2EdiViewer geht am 23.02.2009 Online